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Sony's CD scheme backfires

Do employees who play music CDs with Sony's antipiracy rootkit pose a security risk?

Sony's rootkit-like copy protection comes under more fire, as businesses consider banning CDs with it from office computers because of the security risk they pose.

Sony recalls risky 'rootkit' CDs

Sony BMG recalls millions of copy-protected CDs, but more security risks are spotted in what the uninstaller has left behind.
November 15, 2005

Office ban could hit Sony's 'rootkit' CDs

IT departments are reacting to a new threat: users bringing CDs to work that can introduce rootkit-like software to their systems.
November 14, 2005

Microsoft will wipe Sony's rootkit

Security tools will detect and remove part of the copy-protection tools installed on PCs when music CDs are played.
November 13, 2005

Will Sony's DRM nightmare affect future policies?

reader response Readers weigh in on the security debacle surrounding Sony's rootkit music CDs.
November 12, 2005

FAQ: Sony's rootkit CDs

Sony's copy protection could help hide new viruses on a PC. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself.
November 11, 2005

Sony halts production of rootkit CDs

Decision to suspend manufacture of music CDs with the copy-protection tool comes after viruses exploited the technology.
November 11, 2005 Previous coverage

'Bots' for Sony software spotted online

Trojan horses use controversial tool from copy-protected albums to hide on hard drives and take over computers.
November 10, 2005

Are these the Sony rootkit CDs?

A cyber-rights group identifies 19 Sony CDs that contain a rootkit application that disguises its invasive copy-restriction technology.
November 10, 2005

Suit targets Sony BMG antipiracy technology

Lawsuit claims Sony BMG didn't disclose true nature of its digital rights management system for CDs.
November 10, 2005

Antivirus firms target Sony rootkit

Some security companies say Sony's copy-protection software is merely a pest, others say it is more onerous than that.
November 9, 2005

Sony CD protection sparks security concerns

Anticopying tools used by SonyBMG could be adapted by virus writers, researchers say.
November 1, 2005