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Sony to repair defective camcorders

Some Sony Digital8 Handycams with image problems on LCD screen may be eligible for free repair.

If the LCD screen on your new Sony digital camcorder doesn't seem to be performing quite right, you may be eligible to have it repaired for free.

Sony issued a statement Monday on one of its consumer product sites, saying it would repair, free of charge, some of its Sony Digital8 Handycam DCR-TRV250 camcorders manufactured before March 2004.

The Japanese electronics giant said the digital camcorders, which retail for about $400, apparently have problems when the product is used in camera mode.

The LCD panel and/or the electronic viewfinder exhibits either a distorted image or no image at all, the company said. The problem lies within the camera's image sensor device, known as the charge coupled device (CCD). The sensor helps convert light into digital pixels.

"We have determined that this only occurs in a limited number of devices but may be accelerated if they are exposed to hot and humid environments," Sony said in a statement.

Consumers commenting on CNET Forums have been reporting that the screen on the DCR-TRV250 has distortion problems and a green tint. Others have noted that they can play back and view video but not record.

Sony said it will do the repairs through Oct. 2, 2007. The company said it will also cover the cost of shipping and handling to service any of the damaged digital camcorders.