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Sony releases nonbroken 2.41 update for PS3

Sony has released a corrected firmware update for the PS3, Version 2.41.

New and improved!

While the reported cases were few and far between, last week's PlayStation 3 firmware update 2.40 rendered a select few consoles completely useless. Sony had removed the upgrade just a day after the highly anticipated patch was released and claimed it was "looking into it."

Well it seems a week was all that was needed as the very bug-free, nonbroken firmware Version 2.41 is currently available for download. All of the features we told you about appear to remain intact in addition to a newer platinum trophy icon.

We should note that if you were one of the unlucky few to get a bum PS3 as a result of the upgrade, we recommend you get in touch with Sony customer support right away. The problem doesn't appear to be fatal, meaning your console can most likely be revived--unlike those nasty red-ring-of-death errors the Xbox 360 suffers from.