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Software lets audiences play maestro

Music lovers can remix their favorite songs with a new type of software.

Music lovers can remix their favorite songs by using software from Mixman, a company that calls itself the future of interactive music.

Mixman released its first CD-ROM, called Spin Control, which features eight dance songs recorded by local bands in San Francisco.

By using the keyboard, users can change, add, or delete different parts of the songs featured on Spin Control. For example, users could listen only to the vocals and turn off the bass and the drums. The speed of the song can also be controlled.

Mixman software consists of 16 digitally recorded tracks, including kick drum, percussion, fills, and bass, which are digitally stored and played back on a PC in real time.

The software is available at the company's Web site for Windows 3.1 and sells for $39.99, which includes a free CD of the songs. A Windows 95 is version is slated to be available by the end of May and a Mac version is in the works, according to Mixman officials.

Future CD-ROMs will include house, funk, reggae, jazz, classical and acid music. The company said it is also working with record labels that will allow users to remix popular songs from major bands.