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Snakes on a MySpace profile: The ugly consequences

General rule of thumb: If you own an illegal pet, you probably shouldn't put a picture of it on your MySpace profile. Unfortunately, no one told that to a man in Mecklenburg County, N.C. His beloved 90-pound pet python, Isis, was confiscated last week by animal control authorities.

According to WCNC News, the owner--no name is given, but he goes by "Smokey McBlunt" on MySpace--used his social networking page to showcase photos of himself with Isis around his neck. His neighbors caught wind of it, feared for their pets' (and their own) safety, and contacted the local animal control center. As it turns out, owning a 90-pound snake in that region isn't just scary--it's illegal. Isis was promptly whisked away to a Tennessee rescue center.

So, if you live in Mecklenburg County, N.C., remember this: Your pet snake can weigh no more than 49.5 pounds. If he's tipping the scales at more than that, you'll either have to get rid of him or put him on a diet.

According to a video accompanying the WCNC story, "Smokey McBlunt" protested Isis' confiscation, saying that movies like the recent "Snakes on a Plane" have led to unnecessarily negative perceptions of the slithery reptiles.