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Small TVs are ideal for tailgating...according to Westinghouse

Three new smallish HDTVs from Westinghouse. Nothing much else to say, but read on anyway.

If you stare at this pic long enough, eventually it stares back at you. Westinghouse

In Westinghouse's press materials it states that either of the following monitors would be an ideal solution for a tailgating party. Finally, vendors are starting to give tailgaters the respect they deserve. No word yet if these TVs/monitors include beer holders.

During CES Westinghouse announced three new LCD HDTVs. The 19-inch PT-19H340S, the 22-inch PT-22H340S, and the 22-inch 1080p PT-22F380S. Each display includes support for 720p (1,366x768) resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio and a purported 5ms pixel response time.

In addition, each display includes connections and support for ATSC/NTSC/CATV/ClearQAM tuner, which allow for over the air and direct cable transmissions. The displays also have support for 1080i, 480p and 480i formats. Connections options include HDMI, VGA, component, and composite.

All three feature Westinghouse's Daybright technology, which automatically adjusts the brightness based on ambient light in the room.

Some other specs include 800:1 contrast ratio and 300 candelas per square meters (cd/m2) brightness for the PT-19H340S and 800:1 contrast ratio and 400 cd/m2 brightness for the PT-22H340S. The PT-22F380S features a 1,920 X 1,080 (1080p) resolution with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 300 cd/m2 brightness and 5 ms response time.

All three HDTVs will be available in March. Prices are TBD.