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Tech Industry

Siebel expands executive team

Siebel Systems has hired software industry veteran Nimish Mehta as a group vice president, Mehta told CNET on Friday. Mehta, who joined Siebel on March 10, oversees a group of about 150 people involved in Siebel's Universal Application Network (UAN) initiative. UAN is Siebel's effort to make its set of customer relationship management applications compatible with other kinds of business software.

Mehta, who reports to Siebel Executive Vice President David Schmaier, was formerly chief executive of software maker Stratify. Before joining Stratify (formerly Purple Yogi) in 2001, Mehta was the head of Impresse, a printing services e-marketplace later acquired by PrintCafe. Prior to that, he was a senior vice president at Oracle, where he worked with Tom Siebel, chief executive of Siebel Systems, on developing Oracle's CRM software.