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New 'Sherlock' trailer ends with three tantalizing little words

How many days till the new season? Because fans want to be Baker Street-bound already after this preview.

We're going to need Sherlock Holmes to help us figure out exactly what is going on in this latest "Sherlock" trailer, released Saturday by the BBC.

We won't drop too many spoilers, but let's just say that three simple words delivered by the master detective at the trailer's end have fans hunting for hidden meanings as intensely as Sherlock sniffs things. Much of the drama on social media revolves around to whom, exactly, Holmes is speaking. There are plenty of shippers out there who are envisioning their wildest dreams fulfilled, and there are an equal number of other fans convinced there is a perfectly innocent explanation.

We're leaning toward the emotion expressed by an all-caps excited Sayantoni Banerjee on You Tube. "I'M SURE THAT BY NOW THEY ARE SIMPLY PLAYING WITH OUR FEELINGS." No doubt about that. The show producers knew that inserting that final line in this trailer was like handing a juicy bone to Holmes' new Bloodhound.

If you can tear your attention away from the final seconds of the trailer, there's a lot going on in the rest of the clip too, including disturbing scenes of the great detective and his friends trapped in what seems to be some kind of dungeon, with possibly some very bad decisions to make.

The fourth season of "Sherlock" premieres January 1, 2017, but after watching these latest 47 seconds of teasing, fans can be forgiving for wishing it were New Year's Eve already.