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Sharp's E77 series LCDs sport four HDMI inputs and antireflective screens

Sharp's new LC-E77UN line of LCDs feature four HDMI inputs, 120Hz refresh rate, and antireflective screens.

Updated (07/09/09)
The LC-E77UN series features five HDMI inputs.
The LC-E77U series features five HDMI inputs.

While competitors like Samsung, Sony, and Vizio are rolling out new features such as 240Hz refresh rates, LED-backlighting, and interactive content to their LCDs, Sharp's new E77 lineup is fairly conventional, even by last year's standards.

Key features of the Sharp LC-E77UN series:

While most of these features are pretty standard, Advanced Super View (ASV) is a term specific to Sharp. ASV describes the coating used on the LCD panels, designed to reduce lighting reflections while maintaining a crisp picture. Most LCDs are using some sort of antireflective coating these days, so the technology isn't unique and we'll need to do a hands-on test to see how it compares with the competition.

The LC-E77UN series does have 120Hz refresh rate with "Fine Motion Enhanced technology" and dejudder processing, although previous Sharp HDTVs did not have the dejudder processing that most people associate with 120Hz.

The release of these TVs will be staggered. The LC-40E77UN, LC-46E77UN,and LC-52E77UN are available now. The LC-60E77UN will come out in September, with an MSRP of $3,500. The LC-65E77UN will also come out in September, with an MSRP of $4,500.

The 60-inch model, an industry first, aims to fulfill what Sharp believes to be an underserved community of consumers wanting bigger screen real-estate at a lower price. That said, you could go out right now and find a 65-inch plasma for less than $3,500.

Sharp also announced the stepdown LC-E67U series at CES 2009, which features lower prices and one less HDMI input.