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Servers pack Net punch

Digital has announced a server package for high-speed Internet environments.

Digital Equipment (DEC) has announced a server package for high-speed Internet environments.

The Digital AlphaServer with IPv6 includes the hardware and software users need to implement the features of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

Ipv6 was developed in response to problems caused by the explosive growth of the Internet and the resulting shortage of IP addresses. To resolve this problem, a next-generation IP has been developed, IPv6, which contains provisions for expanded addressing as well as other improvements, including real-time multimedia delivery.

IPv6 implements high-performance 128-bit technology, compared with 32 bits in IPv4. IPv6 also provides more efficient routing, automatic configuration when adding new clients, improved performance for fast-growing Internet applications, and improved Internet and intranet security, Digital said.

Internet service providers, TCP/IP network users, network consultants, independent software firms, and resellers can use the AlphaServer with IPv6 solution to develop needed expertise for IPv6/IPv4 interoperability planning and IPv6 implementation, the company said.

The Digital AlphaServer with IPv6 is housed in a 64-bit AlphaServer 300 desktop system running at 266 MHz. It ships with high-end features including 64MB of memory and a 4GB hard drive.

The AlphaServer with IPv6, priced at $9,505, includes a 64-bit Digital Unix unlimited user license, IPv6 prototype code and application programming interfaces (APIs) for Digital Unix, IPv6 prototype code for selected Digital switches and routers, trial licenses for DEC FUSE and Developers' Toolkit for DIGITAL UNIX, and IPv6 versions of Apache Web server and Arena browser.