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See what's inside those shrieking rubber chickens from hell

There's a secret hidden inside every squawking chicken toy, and the team behind YouTube channel What's Inside is determined to find it.

There's no sound quite as horrifying as the keening cry of a rubber chicken. YouTube channel What's Inside decided to find out how the squeezable toys make such an appalling racket. I have some theories: 1) tiny demon living inside, 2) malevolent spirit, 3) another smaller rubber chicken or 4) a screaming Star Wars toad. What's Inside posted the revealing video on Sunday.

The What's Inside crew starts off by hacking off a fake chicken head with an axe. Yet the beast lives, making a horrifying noise when squeezed. More of the neck comes off. Finally, the mystery is solved. There is a plastic device that looks like a cross between a kazoo and a duck call hidden inside. Compressing the chicken's body forces air through the whistle to create the ear-assaulting noise.

Can't get enough bellowing birds? "Mythbusters" star Adam Savage famously assembled a load of shrieking rubber ducks into a "duck bomb" that unleashed an unholy pining sound of misery upon the world. Enjoy.