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See a jealous robot hell-bent on revenge

Watch "Desire," an animated short about a little robot who resents another bot for stealing his thunder. It'll make you smile.

No one likes to be outdone at work -- not even robots. In the animated musical short "Desire," the main robot character is happily going about his normal duties when his world is turned upside down by another robot brought into the picture.

This new robot does the job much better, which sends our main character into a downward spiral of jealousy and resentment. He becomes obsessed with destroying the new guy so he can go back to a better time, when all he had to worry about was happily getting his job done on his terms. After numerous attempts to thwart the superior robot's efforts go horribly wrong, leaving him literally shattered into little robot pieces, the rest of the robot crew band together to make him feel included and worthy.

"Desire," which features Rob Fetters' pop-rock song with the same name, is a fun and cute little short that's well worth the nine-minute watch.