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Security flaws: Duck and cover

Microsoft reveals a flaw in its Windows operating system that could grab credit cards. And Klez is on the prowl again.

Microsoft unveils a flaw that could give hackers access to credit card numbers. And the Klez virus is on the prowl again.

Credit card theft feared in Windows flaw
update Microsoft says a security flaw in a component that certifies the authenticity of a Web site or of software code could leave user passwords and credit card numbers open to theft.
September 6, 2002

File-name flaw threatens PGP users
Encrypted messages with long names could threaten users of the program Pretty Good Privacy and allow an attacker to take over their system, a security company says.
September 5, 2002

Klez attack may wipe out attacker
A minor variant of the virus is set to go into action Friday, erasing a host of files on infected hard drives. But the maneuver may backfire.
September 5, 2002

Server attacks stump Microsoft
The company releases further details of a rash of attacks on Windows 2000 servers that has so far stumped the software giant's research team.
September 4, 2002