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Security Bites 122: IBM sees security challenges ahead

In this week's Security Bites podcast, Kris Lovejoy of IBM talks with Robert Vamosi about security challenges facing enterprises in the next couple of years.

Last month, IBM released a report (PDF) identifying the security challenges facing enterprises in the next two to five years. The survey is based on data collected internally by IBM.

One theme is that as the pace of globalization picks up, traditional boundaries continue to disappear. In this new global reality, "open for business" can mean pooling resources or sharing sensitive information among organizations.

The IBM report notes that "the line between participation and isolation can also mark the line of opportunity and risk. (Enterprises) rely on business systems and automated policies to guard that line--to root out the threats, to safeguard our intellectual property, to protect our reputations and privacy. With the emergence of each new technology, the line can shift just a bit."

Kris Lovejoy, director of Governance and Risk Management and Corporate Security Strategy at IBM, spoke with CNET's Robert Vamosi about the report. She cites nine trends companies should be watching:

1. Securing virtualized environments
2. Alternative ways to delivery security
3. Securing mobile devices
4. Managing risk and compliance
5. Identity governance
6. Information security
7. Predictable security of applications
8. Protecting the evolving network
9. Sense and respond physical security

Listen now: Download today's podcast