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Searching for trouble

Google grapples with a flaw in its desktop search. Also: Hotmail dumps McAfee as antivirus ally.

Google grapples with a flaw in its desktop search. Also: Hotmail dumps McAfee as an antivirus ally.

Google: We've fixed desktop search tool flaw

Glitch could have let an attacker search the contents of a user's PC. But the firm now says "all current and future users are secure."
Images: Google's desktop search
December 20, 2004

Hotmail dumps McAfee's antivirus for Trend Micro

E-mails sent or received by any of Hotmail's Web mail customers will now be scanned in real time by Trend Micro's antivirus software.
December 19, 2004

Phishing hole discovered in IE

Microsoft says it's investigating a flaw in Internet Explorer that exposes users of its most-protected Windows, SP2, to phishing attacks.
December 17, 2004

Cisco cites security flaws

Company alerts customers to vulnerabilities in communications software and tool to prevent DoS attacks.
December 17, 2004

Patches slapped on serious PHP flaws

The flaws mean Web servers using the programming language could be compromised by attackers, a developer group warns.
December 17, 2004

Microsoft buy comes with strings attached

A Florida company claims co-ownership of anti-spyware software scooped up by Microsoft this week in an acquisition.
December 17, 2004

Microsoft posts critical configuration patch

The software giant closes up a potential security hole left open by the Service Pack 2 update to Windows XP.
December 17, 2004

Zafi worm proves a holiday pest

The worm, which travels as an e-Christmas card, is clogging e-mail bandwidth and cropping up in the majority of virus reports.
December 16, 2004

Christmas card virus 'ataks'

Virus writers have released another seasonal mass-mailing worm that poses as a holiday e-card.
December 16, 2004

Students uncover dozens of Unix software flaws

update To make the grade, students at the University of Illinois found 44 security flaws in various Unix applications.
December 15, 2004