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Scrabble cheats finally come to the Web

Gaming cheat sites are nothing new, but maybe we've had our head in the dictionary too long.

Maybe this won't come as a surprise to everyone who uses Web sites for game cheats (Yours Truly included), but as for those of us who make a living wordsmithing, we are dismayed (15 points) that any player would ever take the joy out of Scrabble by cheating (14 points). Nevertheless, Scrabble-cheat Web sites are proliferating (17 points). Mainly they do what any word nerd worth his or her salt is supposed to do mentally: rearrange your eight randomly-allotted letters to make a new word.

If you are five years old, or perhaps new to the English language, perhaps you can be exonerated (18 points). But around any proper Scrabble table, all electronic devices should be off limits.

Read the troubling report on The L.A. Times:"There's a word for it: c-h-e-a-t-i-n-g"