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Scoop up this mini Crock-Pot for less than $10

It'll even arrive by Sunday. (Yes, that's game day.)


How do we love a crock-pot? Let us count the ways! Easy to use (you can't really mess it up). Clean and simple (most recipes require few additional pots or pans, if any). Darn delicious (slow-cooker and crockpot food is flavorful and tender -- a product of the low, slow marriage of flavor and breakdown of protein).

We'll give you almost any excuse to use your crockpot with recipes for every occasion. (Yes, even cocktails.) All you need is the machine and right now there's one waiting for you at Walmart for less than $10. This is not a drill. A mini slow-cooker by the trusty brand Crock-Pot is down to just $9.96 right now. We don't know how long it will be on sale but we know it's the cheapest we've seen the 2-quart model to date.

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The perfect size for a single or couple, this mini slow-cooker in black has high and low settings for easy, foolproof crock-pot cooking all fall and winter long. 

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