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Scientists want to turn your eyes into lasers

At the University of St Andrews, researchers are building lasers that could fit on a contact lens.

Tetra Images/Getty

Got something in your eye? One day, it could be a laser.

Researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland are working on an "ultra-thin membrane laser" that could be safe for the human eye, the university said Monday.

Now, why would you want lasers in your eyes?

It won't be to turn your enemies into a pile of ash. Researchers said the technology could have applications in security, photomedicine and biophotonics. The lasers could potentially be put onto a contact lens.

The small, flexible lasers could also appear on paper money as an authentication feature. 

University of St Andrews

"Our work represents a new milestone in laser development and, in particular, points the way to how lasers can be used in inherently soft and ductile environments," Malte Gather, a professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy, said in a statement.

The scientists are also working with the idea of putting these small, flexible lasers on paper money as an authentication feature, as well as on wearables. The researchers published details of their work this week in the journal Nature Communications