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Save data while translating in new iOS Chrome

Google's new potentially-money saving compression tech lands in the new version of Chrome for iOS, along with one-tap page translation and a New Tab page refresh.

Mobile Google Chrome's data compression tool, show here on Android and iOS, can now save iOS users up to almost 50 percent of your bandwidth costs, says Google. Google

Slightly behind its Android sibling, Google has updated Chrome for iOS to version 32 on Monday with tools for translation and reducing your bandwidth usage, potentially saving you some money.

The bandwidth compression tool, which hit Chrome for Android a few weeks ago, can reduce how much bandwidth you use by up to nearly 50 percent. If you're on a rate-limited plan and use Chrome heavily, this could save you some serious change.

You can activate the compression tool by going to Settings, then Bandwidth, then Reduce Data Usage.

A translation bar will now appear on Web pages that are not in your phone's default language, which will enable one-tap translation. There's also a refreshed New Tab page that's rolling out to iPhone users first. Google said that the update will make it easier to search from the New Tab page, which also hosts frequently visited sites.

A full list of changes in Chrome for iOS 32 is available here.