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Sansa Clip plays Cupid in two colors

Red or pink, it doesn't matter.

Mobility Site

Every now and then, Crave thinks it's a good idea to remind people that music players other than the iPod actually exist. Yes, it's true. And we particularly appreciate those that don't get too fancy, just going about their MP3-playing business without too much fuss--like SanDisk.

And it's completely in character that the no-nonsense company isn't hyperventilating over its Valentine's Day marketing with the Sansa Clip. Rather than becoming the center of campaigns around a pink or a red Cupid edition--as were the Nano and Zune--SanDisk's 2GB player will just be offered in both colors, according to Mobility Site. We seem to recall that Sansa Clip was already available in red, but we won't tell.