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SanDisk names new president

Eli Harari will maintain his CEO title but will hand over the SanDisk presidency to COO Sanjay Mehrotra.

SanDisk, a flash memory maker, has tapped Sanjay Mehrotra, the chief operating officer and an executive vice president, to also become its next president in June. Eli Harris, SanDisk's chief executive officer and the current president, will be appointed as chairman of the board of directors of SanDisk. He will maintain his CEO position. Harari has been president and CEO of SanDisk since 1988 when he co-founded the company.

Mehrotra, 47, was also a SanDisk co-founder. In addition to assuming the presidency, he will keep his COO position. Mehrotra will also maintain his role as the executive vice president of FlashVision, a Toshiba-SanDisk partnership that manufactures NAND flash components. Irwin Federman, 70, will be appointed vice chairman of the board of directors and lead independent director of SanDisk. He has served as a director of SanDisk since 1988. Federman is also a partner of the venture capital firm, U.S. Venture Partners. All of the new SanDisk appointments will be affective as of June.