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Samsung's flagship plasma delivers 'Real Black' filter

The Samsung PNC8000 series of plasma TVs, the highest-end announced by Samsung at CES 2010, features a Real Black filter said to improve picture quality.

The PNC8000 plasma features a new Real Black filter, among other extras. Samsung
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LAS VEGAS--Samsung announced three lines of plasma TVs at CES 2010, and the most expensive, dubbed the PNC8000, is also the most intriguing from a picture quality standpoint. In a CES flooded by 3D, interactive gizmos, and wireless doo-dads, it's refreshing to see good-old black level performance used as a selling point. We don't expect the PNC8000 to rival the vaunted Kuro for black level bragging rights, but given Samsung's improvement in that area over the last couple of years, it may come close.

Hauntingly similar to the TruBlack filter advertised on LG's PK750 and PK950 models, the Real Black filter on the Samsung 8000 is said to "reduce the onscreen glare caused by ambient light, so blacks and shadow details are as crisp and defined as possible." We're looking forward to comparing this set to the LG, as well as to Panasonic's 2010 models.

One other extra separates the 8000 from Samsung's less-expensive plasmas: dejudder processing, which appeared in a couple 2008 plasmas but not in any from last year. Samsung calls the effect Motion Judder Canceller (MJC), and, in any case, we expect videophiles to leave it turned off. The 8000 is also compatible with 1080p/24 material, much like the company's 2009 models.

Samsung PNC8000 features:

  • Real Black filter
  • dejudder processing
  • slim 1.4-inch deep panel
  • 3D compatible
  • 2D to 3D conversion system
  • Interactive capability with Samsung Internet @ TV and Samsung Apps

Check out the writeup of the step-down Samsung PNC7000 series for more details on the other features listed above.

Samsung didn't specify screen sizes for the PNC8000 series, nor did it list pricing or availability beyond saying simply "2010." We'll update this section when we have more information.