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Samsung to unveil remote TV apps at CES?

Samsung has released a teaser trailer suggesting it plans to announce extended integration between its smart TVs and mobile devices.


Samsung has just unveiled a new teaser trailer for its CES 2012 appearance, which features a family playing with tablets and phones on the couch--suggesting the company will feature extended integration between its TVs and mobile devices, and perhaps even with Apple technology.

Samsung debuted remote watching with its Samsung C9000 television and we expect the company to extend that ability to more tablets and mobiles in 2012.

The teaser features a look at the last 60 years of television, with the change from black and white to color and up to advances such as 3D.

The video ends with a family sitting on the couch playing with a tablet and phones, and when the father presses Play on the remote, words appear: "Experience the future of Smart TV."

Samsung released the Smart View app for its Galaxy II S smartphone in 2011, in addition to control apps for Android and iOS, but as the iPad becomes increasingly popular as a "second screen" for companies such as ESPN it could be time for Samsung to unveil Smart View on Apple devices as well.

(Via Engadget)