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Samsung says new Galaxy Note 7 turns everyone into an American

Technically Incorrect: A new ad featuring Christoph Waltz mocks Americans before finally giving in to their multitasking ways.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

In the end, everyone becomes an American.

Samsung; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Are we going to content ourselves with making America great again?

Or are we going to continue our bigger project: making the whole world be like America?

This crucial conundrum has clearly influenced Samsung's new ad for its rather pulsating Galaxy Note 7.

At first, you think it's mocking the American way of life. Principally because it is.

Here is Christoph Waltz behaving like something of an inglourious basterd as he laughs at America's penchant for working, multitasking and rampantly gorging on more, more, more.

Waltz is something of a multitasker himself, at least in citizenship terms. He's half Austrian and half German.

So, as he considers Americans' need to win everything there is, our crazed gluttony for achievement, he realizes there's only one thing for it: to become an American.

Soon, he's living the American dream.

He's buying a vast colonial-style house, wearing awful salmon pink shorts with his polo shirt tucked inside -- a truly painful look -- and enjoying his remarkably blond family.

The timing of this ad is quite spectacular.

Rarely in recent times has the American dream been more questioned. Rarely has there been more doubt about the idea that through sheer hard work you can rise to the top and look down on those you came from.

It's good to know that all you have to do is buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to have it all.