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Tech Industry

Samsung is opening global AI centers in the UK, Canada and Russia

The company will have five AI centers in total by the end of May.


Samsung's Bixby assistant as seen on the Galaxy S8.

Joshua Goldman/CNET

Samsung is opening three artificial intelligence centers internationally in the next week, expanding the company's work in the field to the UK, Toronto and Moscow.

The three centers -- opening Tuesday, Thursday and on May 29 respectively -- join Samsung's US and Seoul, Korea-based AI centers. The company also announced plans to have 1,000 AI Experts working for Samsung Research, the company's division that focuses on its work in AI, by 2020.

The move is the latest in Samsung's big push for artificial intelligence across its products, most recently seen by its Bixby personal assistant included in the Galaxy S9 phone. Samsung plans to include the assistant across its product line, including in televisions and refrigerators.

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