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Samsung Finesse is one fine handset

We review the Samsung Finesse, the first ever touch-screen handset for MetroPCS.

When compared with other Samsung touch-screen phones like Alltel's Samsung Delve and T-Mobile's Samsung Behold, the Samsung Finesse isn't too remarkable. But it is the first ever touch-screen phone for MetroPCS, which is great for MetroPCS aficionados. The Finesse is quite a sleek handset in its own right, with a nice 3.2-inch touch-screen display, a responsive interface, plus Samsung's unique TouchWiz tray of drag-and-drop widgets.

Features include a 2-megapixel camera, GPS, a full HTML browser, stereo Bluetooth, and more. We didn't quite like that it doesn't have Wi-Fi or an accelerometer, but it's otherwise a very good handset. The Finesse is available from MetroPCS for a rather hefty $350, but bear in mind MetroPCS doesn't require contracts.

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