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Samsung DVD-H1080: Portable-size DVD player for the home

Samsung's home DVD player looks like a supersized version of its pebble-shaped music player.

Samsung DVD-H1080

Samsung has a nice little iPod Shuffle clone called the S2 Pebble. Well, the company must've liked that river-smoothed-stone look, because it's adapted it to the DVD-H1080 DVD player. Rather than a standard black box, the tapered wedge is little bigger than a portable CD player. Aside from the addition of a slot-loading disc drive and the red-accented Touch of Color design, the H1080 is otherwise just an update of 2008's DVD-F1080: an upscaling DVD player that also plays JPEG photos, MP3 music, and DivX video files from attached USB drives. Those who don't need Blu-ray compatibility can look for it in the first half of 2009 (price TBD).