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Samsung announces minor update to NX10 ILC

With its follow-up model to the NX10, the NX11, Samsung adds support for the company's new i-Function lens system.

Samsung NX11
Samsung USA

Jumping the CES gun by a little bit, Samsung decided on an early announcement for a couple of its 2011 cameras. In addition to the WB700, the company is adding the NX11 to its interchangeable-lens camera line. Ostensibly a follow-on, rather than replacement for the NX10, the NX11 seems to offer minor tweaks and a different kit for a slightly lower price.

The main change over the NX10 is support for the i-Function lens system that was introduced with the NX100. i-Function allows you to use one of the lens rings to adjust shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, white balance, and ISO sensitivity, whereas Lens Priority works in conjunction with the body to choose among scene presets based on the lens' characteristics.

The NX11 also has some design tweaks, including an updated grip, and ways to more directly access the i-Function and Lens Priority capabilities. It will ship as a kit in February with the new 20-50mm i-Function lens. Priced at $649, it lists for only $50 less than the NX10. That's a sign that the NX10 will likely disappear pretty soon. Samsung hasn't updated the camera's 720p video or, presumably, many of the other issues I had with it, including a so-so EVF and poor default settings, so I have to admit to some disappointment with this announcement. We'll see in February.