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Rumor Has It: Is the Kindle Fire 2 really dropping next month? (video)

This week in rumor land, we wonder if Amazon is feeling the heat from Google's Nexus 7. Also, is Kinect coming to the car? Could BlackBerry out-pixel the iPhone's Retina Display?

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Our big rumor of the week is directly related to Google, so thankfully Karyne made it back in town just in time to witness the Google Glass-wearing skydivers jump from a dirigible into Google I/O. Wait, what? Whoa!

Before the keynote went off on a crazed adventure sports tangent, Google announced a new product: the new Nexus 7 tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and selling for the small sum of $199. What else sells for that? Oh right, the Kindle Fire.

So this leads us to the question: is Amazon now feeling the pressure to update its Kindle Fire to compete with the new Google tablet?

E-reader expert David Carnoy got word from a trusted source this week that the Kindle Fire 2 will be announced by July 31. If true, that would mean an updated device less than a year after the initial launch (the first Kindle Fire came out in November of last year).

What do you think? Have you been waiting for the Kindle Fire 2? What features are must-haves for you? Take our poll and watch the show to see if the CNET Council of Experts agree with Carnoy's source, and with you.

Also, did you hear the one about how BlackBerry might soon have a better screen than the iPhone? Haha, stop rolling your eyes and watch the show (so you can watch us roll our eyes).

Thanks for watching.

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