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Rumor Has It: Facebook wants you to be a stalker IRL

A rumored standalone Facebook app would broadcast your location to all your Facebook friends whether you are using it or not. Finally, stalking without all the hard work!

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This week's show is all about those rumors that just refuse to die -- and for once we're not talking about the next iteration of the iPhone.

Some sneaky sneaks found hidden "radio" buttons in the iTunes code of a freshly jailbroken iPad. Does that mean that radio streaming is coming soon? Or is it just leftover code that someone didn't bother to take out? Rumors of Dell going private finally came true after weeks of speculation and much to nobody's surprise. The PlayStation 4 might be announced in a couple weeks, which could mean it'll be released this year, but maybe next year, but maybe who knows?

But the most upsetting of all the rumors is maybe a new one, but definitely a gross one: Facebook is said to be prepping a standalone app that will let your friends know where you are, without you having to check in to anything.

Would you download this creepy app? If so, how would you use it? Let us know in the comments.

Next week is Emily's last show. Is there anything special you'd like to see for the end of Rumor Has It as you know it (but don't worry -- it's not the actual end of Rumor Has It)? Let us know, and thanks for watching.

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