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Rumor Has It, Ep. 8: Google TV is a dead, dead horse (podcast)

This week we talk about CDs going the way of the dodo, the PlayBook Black Friday deal, Google Music going to 11, and according to nobody, the iPad 3 will be able to fly. Oh, and Karyne loses a Twitter follower over her Google TV digs.

The month is almost up, and Karyne is beating Emily by a smidge. With only two shows left, however, it's time to start thinking of embarrassing things for Emily to do when she loses.

This was the first CD Karyne ever bought. Clearly her taste in music is questionable.

On this week's show, we cry over CDs going the way of the dodo; we laugh about Staples selling the PlayBook for $199; Google Music is going to 11, whatever that means, at an event on Wednesday; and according to nobody, the iPad 3 will be able to fly.

Things are heating up in the Twitter wars, too! Stephen, at the time of the show, had 899 Twitter followers, to Emily's 300 and something, and Karyne's paltry 276. Make that 275--she lost a follower by the end of the show over her Google TV remarks. Sorry!

What do you guys think? Are CDs going to disappear in 2012? Is the PlayBook worth waiting in line for? Is Google TV a dead horse that's not actually dead? Let us know in the comments!

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Show notes:
Will music CDs be dead in 14 months?
PlayBook dropping to $199 in Staples Black Friday deal?
Google said to be launching music service this week
The dumbest iPad 3 rumor story in the world
LG may be looking to switch on Google TV

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