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Rumor Has It, Ep. 21: Why would you want a PS Vita OS phone? (podcast)

On today's show, we gab about the PS Vita OS, Duck Timer Android's next OS version, learn all about Canon's new 5D Mark iii camera, and Karyne rants about why a touch-screen Xbox remote is the worst ever, even though it might be awesome.

This Galaxy Tab concept, with a scrillion screen sizes, screams: no pocket left behind! Dane Strom

We finally put the celebratory Champagne away after last week's episode, just in time to bring you a ton of new rumors, hot off the rumor mill press.

Wouldn't that make our jobs so much easier? If there were an actual rumor mill press? Since there's not, Emily divulged that she did some research on Wikipedia and IMDb this week. She really pulled out all the stops!

In honor of our 21st episode, because we always find something to celebrate, we brought on special guest Madissen De Turris! And she even brought us presents! We love that. Madissen offered her camera expertise, explaining to us what Canon's 5D Mark iii means for her. And what AF is.

Also on today's show, we discussed Android Jelly Blah Blah and why the PS Vita OS on phones might be redundant. And just when Karyne thought it wasn't possible for game controllers to get even more complicated, the next Xbox controller might have a touch screen.

Can it be? Did we go an entire show without mentioning Apple's next tablet? That which cannot be named?


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