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Romney uses targeted Google ads to tweak Obama

GOP operatives buy Internet ads targeted at people living near Barnard using Google to find more about Obama commencement speech today.

Screenshot of Romney campaign targeted ad atop search results for Obama Barnard speech. Google via Politico

If you needed any further reason to alert you to the early arrival of the silly season, Politico is reporting how the Romney campaign is taking advantage of interest in President Obama's commencement speech at Barnard today to game the system to its advantage.

When users search Google for "barnard commencement" in the area of New York City around Barnard and Columbia, the first ad that shows up is a link to Romney's website titled, "Obama's Wasteful Spending." The ad is targeted just to the zip code in which the colleges are located, 10027.

All fun and games, but it also suggests that unlike 2008, the Obama campaign faces an adversary that knows its way around the Internet just as well.