Roland gets loud with BA-330 portable P.A.

Pro-audio manufacturer Roland announces a new battery-powered portable speaker system called the BA-330.

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Photo of the Roland BA-330 portable speaker system
The Roland BA-330 portable P.A. system gets real loud using eight AA batteries. Roland

For those who like getting loud in places where power outlets are hard to come by, the Roland BA-330 delivers all the comforts of a full-fledged stereo P.A. system using just eight AA batteries.

Just how loud are we talking? Cranked all the way up, the BA-330 can hit a 109dB sound pressure level--roughly the equivalent of standing next to a jack hammer. The eight AA batteries can deliver up to 10 hours of continuous power, although probably not at full blast (plug-in AC power is also available).

The front of the system offers four 6.5-inch and two tweeters, all wired for stereo. On the back, you'll get a four-channel mixer with XLR, 1/4-inch, RCA, and minijack inputs, and an effects section for adding EQ, reverb, delay, or a stereo-widening effect. If 109dB of ear-melting sound just isn't enough, a stereo link feature allows you to wire two BA-330 speakers together.

Of course, at around $829, street musicians are going to have to hustle hard to get their hands on this thing. Consider this your head start, since it's not due out until November.

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