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Rick and Morty video clip has fans clamoring for season 4 release date

Fifteen seconds isn't enough for devoted fans, who want to know when the new stuff is coming.

Rick and Morty are back! Wait, fake-out! 

Adult Swim released a new video showcasing the mad scientist and his grandson on Wednesday, but it only seems to have made fans more impatient for information about the upcoming fourth season.

The 15-second video gives nothing away. It just features the title characters transformed into everything from Godzilla and Mothra to sea creatures, jungle animals and planets.

While the tweeted video has earned 16,000 retweets and 63,000 likes in less than two days, it's also gotten plenty of "pleeeeeease may we have the season 4 release date?" comments.

A representative for Adult Swim wouldn't reveal the premiere date for the season, saying "we're currently in production on new episodes, but have no other information to share at this time."

But we do know the show is signed on for 70 more episodes, and series creator Justin Roiland has promised no more long breaks between seasons. That might seem ironic now considering the fuss over this wait, but apparently Roiland means "no more long breaks" once season 4 is up and running.

In July, the show's Facebook page posted that writers are back at work, and shared a behind-the-scenes clip from season 3.