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Richie Rich, your $1 million gold bike has arrived

The most extreme thing about this extreme mountain bike is its extreme price tag. How extreme? A million dollars extreme.

Gold bicycle
Personal bodyguard not included. Tino Hammid

Feeling spendy? Grab your helmet, because The House of Solid Gold has got you covered by covering fat-tired bicycles in 24K gold.

Beyond the bright yellow gold overlay, these opulent "Beverly Hills Edition" bikes get the royal treatment in other ways. Each is embellished with 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires, and its alligator seat aims to make your fanny feel fancy.

Fancy Fanny
Tino Hammid

House of Solid Gold's founder, eccentric entrepreneur Hugh Power, designed these extravagant two-wheeled wonders with athlete Dan Bull. Hurry, though, these are limited-edition items.

"Using modern day techniques and taking well over 750 hours to complete, each part was coated to perfection in the USA using the electroplating process," the description reads.

"The House of Solid Gold will create only 13 gold extreme bikes for the world market, each one being totally customized and made to the buyers wants and needs." Yes, each one really costs $1 million.

Put your AmEx Black Card away though. If you want one of these bikes with a golden touch, you'll have to cough up a cashier's check or money order or wire funds from your (most likely, Swiss) bank account.

(Via Incredible Things)