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Ricavision's Vave 100 melds Windows SideShow and universal remote control

Ricavision introduces the Vave 100 Windows SideShow Universal Remote Control.

We checked in with Ricavision earlier today and got to see its new Vave 100 Windows SideShow Universal Remote Control in person. As the name suggests, this slick-looking device combines Windows SideShow capability with a universal remote control. Via both Bluetooth and infrared, the Vave 100 is suited to driving both home-theater PCs as well as standard home entertainment hardware. Ricavision speculates the price will come in around $350 (expensive, but cheaper than the Logitech Harmony 1000), and it targets early Q2 of this year for availability.

The Vave 100 nestled in its standard docking station CNET

The remote comes with a basic charging station/receiver, but Zune owners (all seven of you), might also consider upgrading to the SoundVave Dock, a charging station with a second Zune dock and a set of built-in speakers. If you don't have a Zune, you can still use the SoundVave Dock to play music, via the Vave remote, which can stream MP3s through SideShow.

The SoundVave Dock is a bit more involved. A Zune fits in front of the remote. CNET

We should also point out that the Vave 100 is not the Ricavision prototype we got to play with in March of last year. That model was supposed to become Microsoft's official Windows Media Center remote, which it would supply to various desktop vendors. We're told that project is still in development.