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Review: Pioneer VSX-1018AH light on HDMI inputs, big on the rest

CNET reviews the Pioneer VSX-1018AH AV receiver, finding it has great sound and an attractive feature set, although it's limited to three HDMI inputs.

CBS Interactive

Just a few years ago, HDMI connectivity was a major step-up feature on AV receivers; now, it's standard for all but the least expensive models. The Pioneer VSX-1018AH is a midrange AV receiver with three HDMI inputs, which may be enough to cover all your home theater gear, but is actually one input fewer than competitors like the Onkyo TX-SR606 and Sony STR-DG920.

On the other hand, we liked almost everything else about the VSX-1018AH, from its solid sound quality to its extensive list of features. Beyond the standard inputs and outputs, the VSX-1018AH also offers on-screen iPod navigation for a USB-connected iPod, which is a nice additional feature at this price level. As much as we'd like more HDMI connectivity, the other aspects of the VSX-1018AH make it a great value in the midrange AV receiver class.

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