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Review and photos of the m:Station 2.1 Stereo Tower

The mStation 2.1 Stereo Tower offers an alternative design befitting a home office or dorm, but it packs enough punch to rock a room many times that size.

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Anyone who has tried to wade through the multitude of iPod speakers on the market knows that the options are seemingly infinite, and that many of them are very difficult to distinguish from one another. So it's pretty refreshing when a company like mStation comes along and tries to offer something a bit different, first with the colorfully bulbous Stereo Orb and now with the lanky 2.1 Stereo Tower. Unfortunately, this tall speaker comes with a high-end price tag ($299), but without the excellent build quality. Still, for those looking for more oomph than the Bose SoundDock can offer, the Stereo Tower is a good alternative. Read the review or click the pic to launch the slide show.