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Return to sender is on the final leg of moving its "Simple Plan" customers to its higher priced Pro plan. But developer and businessman Donald Bridges of Texas is not willing to go.

For Bridges, it's a case of simple math. He'll pay roughly $1.15 per piece of mail for the approximately 14 pieces he sends out monthly under the Pro plan, verses 35 cents per piece under the Simple plan.

Bridges said itÂ’s a losing proposition for him to migrate to the $15.99 per month plan., however, found keeping the $4.99 monthly plan was a money-loser for the company, according to the Internet postal service.

Since it began the customer migration over a year ago, 75 percent of its Simple Plan customers, or roughly 100,000 accounts, have made the change, the company said. But it still has another 9,000 to 10,000 customers to go as it wraps up its final migration push next month.

Bridges won't be among those making the change, he said.