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Retro 'Stranger Things' news report on Barb's disappearance

This archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ TV anchor Brenda Wood asks for viewer help in finding poor missing Barb and that mysterious grocery store waffle bandit.

Fans of the hit '80s-inspired horror TV series "Stranger Things" on Netflix got an extra treat on Monday with a new video showing an archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ in Hawkins, Indiana.

In the YouTube video, posted by Netflix, "Minute By Minute" show host Brenda Wood does a news report of "Stranger Things" character Barbara Holland's disappearance, complete with commentary about her outfit and how she's the kind of best friend who can tell when you are "wearing a new bra."

If that's not enough, the video also features Wood asking the public for help finding a young juvenile responsible for shoplifting an unprecedented amount of frozen waffles from a local grocery store.

The video is a fun look at what an '80s news program would look like during the time "Stranger Things" takes place. Perhaps this video is one of many Netflix has in store for fans.

The next season of "Stranger Things" will debut in 2017, and I've already got plenty of theories on what will happen to Eleven, Chief Hopper and the Byers family. Here's hoping Barb gets the justice she deserves.