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Retina MacBook Pro wait time drops to 1-2 weeks

The supply backlog continues to ease on Apple's new Retina Display MacBook Pro.

Supplies are easing for Apple's Retina MacBook Pro.
Supplies are easing for Apple's Retina MacBook Pro. Apple

Consumers looking to pick up a Retina MacBook Pro now face a shorter wait time.

The estimated ship time for the new MacBook Pro model has trickled down to 1-2 weeks, according to Apple's U.S. Web site. This new estimate follows the roller coaster ride originally faced by prospective buyers.

Apple initially promised a ship time of 2-3 weeks immediately following the debut of the new MacBook Pro. That soon shot up to a month but then shrank to 3-4 weeks before returning to 2-3 weeks.

The new 1-2 week wait time seems to be the norm across the world, with MacRumors reporting the same estimate in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Supplies are also easing at other retailers, both online and offline, MacRumors added. However, Apple's online store is considered the primary outlet for those who want to customize the unit's configuration.

The 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro starts at $2,199 for the 2.3 GHz version and $2,799 for the 2.6 GHz edition.

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