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Researchers in Japan made a remote-controlled dog using a special vest

Good dog.

Humans have relied on the help of dogs for hundreds of years -- whether it's for hunting, assistance for the blind or just to keep us company. Now, researchers at Tohoku University have discovered yet another way to utilize our four-legged friends.

Researchers found a way to remotely control a trained dog, essentially turning the pup into a doggy drone. By strapping on a special vest with a camera and lights, the researchers are able to steer the dog and tell it where to go.

The tech is surprisingly straightforward. The vest will shine a light on the ground in front of the dog, and the dog will walk to the left, right or forward depending on where the light points -- similar to how your pet will chase a laser pointer around for endless hours of fun.

The camera on the vest shows what is directly in front of the dog. This could be useful when using a dog to find something or reach places that a human can't get to.

Someone give that dog a treat.