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Reports: Yahoo buys MyBlogLog

Forbes is among several media outlets reporting late Monday night that Yahoo has purchased , a social-networking site that aims to build communities among like-minded blog readers. It also tracks behaviors such as which sites readers have come from and what they click on to leave a particular site.

Forbes' Quentin Hardy, writing on his publication's CES blog, said Yahoo isn't saying what it paid for the Florida-based MyBlogLog, first launched in July. "But knowledgeable sources said it cost a little over $10 million for the company," he wrote.

Om Malik also blogged about his dinner Monday night with MyBlogLog Chairman Scott Rafer, who checked his BlackBerry Pearl, broke into a smile and then responded to an e-mail. "It's done," Rafer then said, referring to the sale of his company to Yahoo, according to Malik. Rafer declined to comment on rumors about the price, Malik added.