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Reports: Apple plans to sell ringtones through iTunes

New iPods are expected to be the major news next Wednesday, but Apple will also announce a deal to let iPhone users buy ringtones through the iTunes Store, according to reports.

Everyone seems pretty sure Apple will have new iPods next week at a media event in San Francisco. Could iPhone ringtones also be on the menu?

The Los Angeles Times and The New York Post both reported Friday that Apple plans to let iPhone users purchase ringtones through the iTunes Store, in addition to unveiling new iPods next Wednesday. The ringtone deal would only apply to iPhone users, according to the Times, but the Post said iPhone users would also be able to make ringtones out of songs they've already purchased from the iTunes Store.

Ringtone deals are less sexy than iPods, but there's money there. An awful lot of people are willing to shell out a few bucks for the ability to put the song of their choice on their cell phone. Rumors about ringtones through iTunes have swirled for years, but things are obviously different these days now that Apple's a cell phone company.

The Post reported that Universal Music would not be a part of Apple's ringtone deal, coming off the news that Universal's NBC network plans to pull its television shows from the iTunes Store.