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Report: Swedish carrier planning iPhone MMS app

There's no officially sanctioned way for iPhone users to send pictures and video via the MMS standard, but Telia might soon bring that feature to its Swedish customers.

Swedish iPhone carrier Telia has apparently convinced Apple to let it offer its own MMS application. Telia

Swedish iPhone users may soon have a way to send each other pictures and video via text messaging.

Telia, Apple's carrier partner in Sweden, is going to develop its own MMS (multimedia messaging service) application for the iPhone, according to a report from MacWorld Sweden. The lack of MMS is perhaps one of the most common gripes about the missing features of the iPhone, second only to cut and paste.

But instead of adding that function itself, or allowing a third-party developer to build it for the App Store, Apple is apparently going to let Telia enable MMS on its own. And it doesn't sound like the rest of the world is going to get a crack at that application, based on the translation, which was verified as legit by a few Daring Fireball readers conversant in Sweden.

Telia will have the application up and running in two months, it told MacWorld Sweden. There were MMS options available to those who wished to jailbreak their iPhones, but this is apparently an officially sanctioned way to text pictures to your friends.