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Report: Orange backs off iPhone 3G throttling

Orange's decision to limit the download speed of the iPhone 3G sparked a predictable outcry from French users, and they appear to have produced a retraction from the carrier.

iPhone 3G owners in France should soon start to notice faster 3G download speeds. CNET

French owners of the iPhone 3G are irate over Orange's practice of capping their 3G download speeds at a rate far slower than what their neighbors can access, but are in for a speed boost.

The carrier has apparently backed off its decision to cap iPhone 3G downloading speeds at 384Kbps, according to a report from France-Info. AppleInsider tracked the furor that arose after French iPhone 3G owners started comparing the speeds of their iPhones with their German neighbors, and discovered that iPhone 3G users on T-Mobile's German network were seeing speeds far greater, up to almost 2Mbps.

France-Info reported that Orange will raise the download speeds to 1Mbps by the middle of September as a result of the outcry, which spanned several French tech-related Web sites.