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Report: Major Apple event coming Sept. 5

Apple has held iPod events in early September for two straight years. Is it about to extend that streak?

With rumors of new iPods heating up, fresh news comes of a trademarked Apple "special event" to be held in two weeks.

Ars Technica's Infinite Loop is reporting that unidentified Apple sources have brought word of an upcoming Apple event scheduled for September 5. While Infinite Loop's sources were unable to specify the exact details of what is coming, they signed off on a general reading of AppleInsider's recent report that a series of new iPods are on tap.

The rumor mill is heating up about new iPods in September. CNET Networks

There will be at least one new iPod, according to Infinite Loop's sources, but details are sketchy beyond that. It's been a long time since Apple released redesigned iPods, but it has held September launch events related to the iPod for two straight years. The iPod Nano first arrived in September 2005, and new iPods and iPod Nanos were rolled out at last year's "showtime" event in September.

Lots of people believe Apple has new iPods at the ready, but the estimates range from new iPods that look like iPhones, new widescreen iPods, new iPods that run Windows, and iPod Nanos with new color schemes. Guess which one I totally made up.