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Tech Industry

Report from the front: Tonight's launch of Open Social

Marc Andreessen reports from the Open Social launch.

Tonight, a small group of entrepreneurs, technologists, executives, bloggers, press, and professional campfire tenders gathered in Mountain View below the official Google tyrannosaurus rex and formally launched Open Social into the world.

As I write this, Google is about half an hour away from officially putting the Open Social spec and code on the Internet for general consumption. At that same time, the video from the launch event should be going live. Keep hitting this currently nonworking link until you get satisfaction! [Correction -- the official site is up at that location! Also, here's the video of the launch event with all the demos.]

So how'd it go?

Great! In addition to speakers from Google, the launch event included demos from a wide swath of the "coalition of the willing" assembled in support of Open Social -- including the newest member and Open Social supporter, MySpace.

All of the demos were -- to my knowledge -- live running code. And they worked.

The T rex not only did not eat us, but did not fall over on us.

They had smores.

What's not to like?

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