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Report: Free Tesla for Parisian green-home buyers

A French company is offering a free all-electric Tesla Roadster with each purchase of a luxury home in a green-housing development, according to Le Blog Auto.

The Tesla Roadster. Tesla Motors

If you love Paris and the environment, and you have a boatload of money, this could be your dream home.

A real-estate company called Welcome in France is offering a free Tesla Roadster with every purchase of one of its homes in a new ecological luxury-housing development on the outskirts of Paris, according to a report.

The development will use solar panels, geothermal energy, and its own water treatment facility, among other things, French car blog Le Blog Auto reported, but it's still under construction, and buyer interest has been slow due to the economy.

The Tesla is a new enticement to get ecologically minded (and presumably wealthy) people interested.

But with a helipad and golf course included in the development, it's hard to judge just how environmentally friendly the exclusive 40-home development could actually be.